How to Find Free Workout Resources

Hello everyone and welcome to the first BBG blog! Not only are we coming to you via podcast but also in written word. *pause for dramatic affect*

Today I wanted to just share with you some ways to find absolutely free workout sources and how to take advantage of them. Just about every town out there has local resources you can use or become a part of and still keep money in your wallet. These free tools are great for the beginner that is just starting off on their health and fitness journey, so I hope you find this useful. I am just scratching the surface here and sharing just a few tips.

Alright here we go...

1. Facebook

Crazy right, that this social media you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through could have some awesome things that help you get up and moving. Search local groups you may find one in your area of people that get together to workout at the park or somewhere nearby. There are a couple groups here at Fort Carson that get together just about everyday at community centers and workout together, completely free!!

2. Pinterest

I know this might seem obvious but I have seen time and time again friends of mine start coach to 5k programs that they found on Pinterest. Just search what you're looking for (I even have a few squat challenges pinned) and go for it!!

3. Youtube

Isn't the internet amazing. We have so many resources at the tips of our fingers we just have to do a little digging. I love using youtube to find guided meditations and yoga. One of my favorite yoga channels is Yoga With Adriene, she has shorter flows as well as different challenges which I love! I have also heard some good things about Bikini Body Mommy on youtube too.

4. Parks

I know I talked on parks before but here is a bit more detail. Most parks have a track or running trails that you can use. My local park back in North Carolina people meet up for pick-up soccer almost everyday during the summer. Parks can have hills you can do sprints on, picnic tables you can do step-ups or dips. You can also take your kids and chase them around the playground....they run out some energy and you burn some calories.

There are my 4 tools that can help you get up and going for no cost. Obviously do your own research and decide what kind of workout is best for you. If you have any resources I missed please leave a comment and share with the BBG community. I am so excited to write some more content for you all.


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